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News from the Arcadia Utilities Department

Arcadia Utilities has some new employees including a new Administrator. Josh Augsburger started in Arcadia’s maintenance department. Mr. Augsburger has been promoted to administrator of the village and is learning his way around his new position. Since his move into the administrator’s role the village needed a new maintenance worker. Our local resident “Joey” Joe Trout has filled Mr. Augsburger’s previous position. Besides his beaming personality Joe has some skills that the village will be utilizing in the future to improve our community. He has been learning the ropes with a little help from our part timer, Jim Margraf. Jim is still with us part time but I suspect he would be happy to stay home instead of coming into work.

Jenny Holman has taken over as our fiscal officer this year. She comes in after her full-time job as secretary for the Arcadia elementary school. This in not Jenny’s first time as a fiscal officer, she was an officer for a township in Hancock county. She has been very busy dealing with all of the new employees we have hired this year. Hopefully we are behaving better than the grade school kids.

Teresa Margraf has been with the Arcadia utilities department longer than any of us. It is clear to see that she cares about her community and its needs. She has worked so hard on more than just utilities. I am Amie Clouse and I have been hired as her replacement when she retires in 2017. I do have a lot to learn and will do my best to be committed to this community.